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Apart from Maritime & Yacht security, We provide private security services for banks, commercial & industrial environments & for big events.

ISO Certified

Glower Maritime Private Limited is an ISO Certified Maritime Security Company in India registered with the Registrar of Companies, Government of India.


We specialize in Maritime Security Services

Glower Maritime Private Limited is an ISO Certified Private Company incorporated on the 7th January 2016.Vettathayyathu J. Shajahan is the Managing Director of Glower Maritime Private Limited.We have renamed our maritime security personnel providing service to Nas Maritime Security Services. It is classified as a Registered Indian Non-Government Company.We provide MSO's at short notice.Even though our rates are very low due to exchange rates, our MSO's standards are very high.Our office works 24x7 and we will be ready to attend your needs at any time you require.

ISO Certified Company

We Provide an excellent job opportunity as an MSO

Do you have a Defence Background Experience?

Team Leader / Member

We have an excellent opportunity as an MSO - Team Leader / Team Member for the candidates from defence background with an excellent knowledge of weapon handling, antipiracy skills, BMP4 etc.

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Would be sailing in HRA region.

Contract for 5-6 months; after which the MSO would be given a break for around 20-30 days. Contract would be renewed when he is again ready for deployment.

  • Ex-servicemen for at least 5 years.
  • Age between 25-48 years.
  • Should be able to converse in English
  • Excellent knowledge of weapon handling
  • Good to have knowledge of anti-piracy procedures and BMP4

Why choose Us?

Why choose Us.Because we are Reliable.

Our Security Teams consist of hand-picked Maritime Security Operators (MSOs) with Navy / Army or Paramilitary background and they are well versed in BMP4 and Rules for the Use of Force regulations. We specialize in Security Services to the Maritime fraternity by providing the well screened, properly documented, well trained and skilled MSOs.Our MSOs are professionals, well aware of Safety & Security on boad and well trained in all relevant aspects of Maritime Environment.They are given a job specific training which includes, but not limited to, safe use of the various kind of Arms & Ammunitions, exercising professional conduct, maintaining high level of discipline and safe working practices on board ships. We can Embark and Disembark its MSOs through Private Maritime Security Companies (PMSCs) from all the possible locations in the vicinity of the HRA.

Glower Maritime Private Limited, as managed by Master Mariner and Security Specialists, understands the needs of the clients very well and provide the most efficient and effective solutions to the clients.

Why choose Us?

Our Mission.Safe Sailing On Dangerous waters

We provide professional security teams which maintain high level of professionalism and discipline and continously work with PMSCs towards making the dangerous waters Safer & Secure for Ships, Crew and Cargo.

We provide the customized cost effective plans to our clients as per specific requirements.

We offer our teams for 3 - 6 months duration on contract basis.After completion of tenure we will replace them with another operator if our service on board is required on any other client Vessel of yours.All our security teams are on 6 month contract with the company.This assists to lower the cost and more importantly allow Glower Maritime Private Limited to manage the logistical pat of the security teams Embarkation / Disembarkation cost.

Why choose Us?

What we Do.Make our Customers Happy.

Global Maritime Private Limited, being operated by the experts from the maritime fraternity who understand the maritime industry very well and are committed to fulfill the distinct needs of the shipping owners, ship managers, charterers and other stake holders.

We are fully committed to protect your ships through the High Risk Areas (HRA). Glower Maritime Private Limited specializes in providing innovative solutions to a wide range of security problems and offers a range of services including armed protection team for ships, contingency response and Maritime Safety & Security Training Services. We provide operational security support towards protection of crew, ships and cargoes.

Our Services

Comphrehensive Maritime Security Solutions

Maritime Security Division

Provider of world class maritime security services to reputed shipping companies around the globe including some oil giants.

Land & Event Security Division

Our experienced and licensed security professionals guard banks in Kerala, ATM, Mall, commercial complexes and industrial areas.

Yacht Security Division

We provide security to private yacht owners and global shipping companies with a complete off the shelf solution to fulfil your exact need.

Mandatory Documents for Maritime Security Personnel

Glower Maritime Private Limited provide Anti-Piracy and MSTL training services, team building activiies and above all vets thoroughly all the selective operatives who are then preceded into the company for maritime security deployments. This is the first step of employing operatives into the company. Further, the below mentioned documents are mandatory during Maritime Security Personnel's recruitment drive at Glower Maritime Private Limited.

Our all MSOs (TL & TM) should have the minimum possession of the following documents:-

  • Passport (Must have at least 6 months validity)
  • Seaman Book (Continuous Discharge Certificate - CDC
  • Personal Survival Techniques Certificate
  • Fire Prevention and Fire Fighting Certificate
  • Personal Safety and Social Responsibility Certificate
  • Elementary First Aid Certificate
  • Police Clearance Certificate / CRB
  • Ship Security Officer Certificate (SSO) or Certificate of Proficiency in Security Training for Seafarers with Designated Security Duties.
  • Navy / Army / Military Discharge Book
  • Marine Medical Certificate (ENG1 or ILO Format)
  • Yellow Fever Certificate
  • Psychometric Test / Mental Fitness Certificate
  • Drugs and Alchohol Screening Test
  • Proficiency in Firearms Competency Certification (FCC)
  • Trauma Medical Course Certificate
Maritime Security Officers

ISO 9001:2015 Certified Company

Our Quality Management Systems were audited and found to be met with the best ISO 9001:2015 standards.
ISO Certificate